My first experience with programming was when I was six years old, but it didn’t really click. My Uncle showed me Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. It took me too long to create simple things, so I quickly grew bored.

Years later, when I was required to purchase a TI-84 calculator for 7th grade math, I rediscovered programming through TI-BASIC. It was a thrilling slog, typing out commands with the menus, testing programs, and discovering new functions. I was on my calculator so much, my history teacher took it away.

I learned how to gain root access to my iPhone, “jailbreak”, and designed custom lock screens with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I got into design, and then designing websites. And then down the rabbit role of web development.

Since then, I’ve been honing my skills jack-of-all-trades style. Building web applications and websites that are less, but better.

Programmers help people understand what they want. We write code that solves complex problems through a lucid interface for others to build upon.

By doing what works, and not what’s fashionable. By writing code specific to the problem at hand while on the lookout for abstractions. By shipping often. By seeking to understand more about the code written.

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